About our Musical Director


Luke MatherLuke Mather began conducting in 2013 when he founded Latin Name TBC, a vocal octet whose policy is to sing any composition they are given. Luke has premiered over 30 new works with the group in their short existence.

He recently graduated with a First Class Music Degree from the University of Manchester. During his final year at University, Luke assisted in conducting The University Chamber Choir, Ad Solem, The Cosmo Singers and Manchester University Chorus.

He was recently appointed Assistant Musical Director of the senior choir of Barnsley Youth Choir and founded Icosa, a dynamic professional chamber choir that performs around the country. Luke has also been Director of Music at the Church of the Holy Name of Jesus since 2014.

As a singer, Luke sings with the National Youth Chamber Choir of Great Britain and has sung solos on BBC Radio 3 and at the City of London Festival with the group. Luke is a keen composer of choral music. Recent compositions include a set of three speech-based pieces, seventeen songs from The Lord of the Rings and multiple carols.

Luke currently studies singing with Andrew Heggie and conducting with Matthew Hamilton. He is very much looking forward to working with Bolton Chamber Choir in the coming months.